Outdoor Swimming Pools in St. John’s, Newfoundland

Looking to cool off on those warm summer days by taking a swim in an outdoor pool? Then read on!
1) Bowring Park

This 50-metre outdoor swimming pool always draws a crowd! With a fairly new water slide, diving boards, a wading pool for kids, and accessible change rooms, the Bowring Park pool is always a great time.

The pool offers daily swims during July and August each season, completely free!

Check out the Bowring Park Pool schedule to plan your visit.
2) Bannerman Park


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5 Places for Food After Partying on George Street

George Street at Night

George Street is the home of nightlife in St. John's. It's very common for local bar-goers to stay out until alcohol can no longer be legally sold. After a few hours of slinging back beer that you can't get anywhere else, you're going to be hungry! You might have been smart and planned ahead by leaving a delicious snack at home. If not, don't fear, there are some places in walking distance to get some post-George Street food.
The Celtic Hearth


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2019 Iceberg Alley Performance Tent Lineup

The Iceberg Alley Performance Tent is quickly making its name as an annual "must-see" tradition in St. John's, Newfoundland alongside other summer music events such as the George Street Festival.

This 11-day festival takes place near Quidi Vidi Lake under a 36,000 square-foot tent and features a variety of performers from within and outside of Newfoundland!

Iceberg Alley 2019 takes place from September 11-21 and features performances from artists such as Kim Mitchell, The Novaks, Metri...

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5 Cool Facts About the Trinity Loop Abandoned Amusement Park

Trinity Loop

The Trinity Loop amusement park began offering up summer fun to Newfoundlanders in the late 1980s. Despite being permanently closed in 2004, it has lately been a popular destination for people who enjoy exploring abandoned buildings or taking eerie photographs. There are no plans to resurrect the park any time soon. Here are 5 facts you may not have known about the abandoned Trinity Loop.
The Ferris Wheel Collapsed in 2018


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Can You Drink Alcohol in Public in Newfoundland?

In some parts of the world you're able to freely crack open a beer and walk around with it anywhere you'd like. Since Newfoundland has such a prevalent alcohol consumption culture, you may be wondering if you can drink alcohol in public in Newfoundland.

The short answer is no, however, let's first define what public drinking actually is!

When you hear the term public drinking, this does not mean anywhere in public view, it simply means outside of a private residence or licensed establishme...

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Signal Hill Fence Goes Up, Then Comes Down

Almost as fast as it went up, a new fence constructed at Signal Hill is now being taken down.

Earlier this week Parks Canada was ridiculed for their decision to construct a giant fence near the Signal Hill Interpretation Center. Opponents, including comedian Rick Mercer, claimed that the fence blocked a view of the city, was an eyesore, and were shocked that construction seemed to proceed without any consultations with local residents or the city.


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6 Beautiful Newfoundland Lighthouses

For decades before GPS and computer technologies, sailors navigated the thousands of kilometers of Newfoundland coastline with the help of lighthouses.

Once manned by humans, most remaining lighthouses which are still in operation are all automated these days and don't require personnel on-site around the clock.

There are dozens of beautiful lighthouses to be seen around Newfoundland. Here are just a handful of our favorites.
Fort Amherst
Built in 1813, the Fort Amherst lighthouse was th...

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5 Must-Try Ice Cream Shops in Newfoundland

Looking to chill out with a cone or some other cool treat this summer? There are plenty of Newfoundland ice cream places to choose from!
Bergs Famous Ice Cream - Mt. Pearl & CBS
Living up to its "famous" name here on the Rock, Berg's has tons of flavors and treats to choose from. Whether you're looking for hard or soft ice cream, milkshake, or something else, you'll likely find it here!

Berg's has a location at 57 Conception Bay Highway and another in Mt. Pearl at the intersection of Co...

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6 ‘Newfinese’ Sayings You Should Know for Visiting Newfoundland

While the tale of the Newfoundland accent has been greatly exaggerated at times, the province certainly does have some unique sayings that may be new to visitors!

It's true some of us can speak fast, and depending on the area of the province you're in, you may hear some interesting Newfoundland accents or sayings. For the most part our language and speech is fairly normal and understandable, but there are some sayings that nearly everybody in the province uses in everyday life! The phrase "Ne...

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New Campground Coming to Mount Pearl

In the past, the only camping option in the St. John's metro area has been Pippy Park, but that's about to change!

For those living in St. John's, a campground in the middle of the province's capital city may seem odd. After all, driving a few minutes down the road to camp in a tent or RV doesn't really feel like a getaway. But, it's all a matter of perspective! For those coming from out of town, out of province, or out of country, it's a different story!

Having a campground in the city me...

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