New Campground Coming to Mount Pearl

In the past, the only camping option in the St. John’s metro area has been Pippy Park, but that’s about to change!

For those living in St. John’s, a campground in the middle of the province’s capital city may seem odd. After all, driving a few minutes down the road to camp in a tent or RV doesn’t really feel like a getaway. But, it’s all a matter of perspective! For those coming from out of town, out of province, or out of country, it’s a different story!

Having a campground in the city means endless amenities are nearby for any users, plus if you do live nearby, it’s only a short drive to a tranquil camping experience.

The area will soon have another campground nestled in the middle of a city with Waterford River Valley Campground coming to Mount Pearl.

The Location

Getting its name from the Waterford River which runs right through the park, the peaceful Waterford River Valley Campground sits just minutes away from Topsail Road, one of the province’s busiest roads. Here, the hustle and bustle of the city disappears. The park backs onto the Newfoundland T’Railway, connecting it to the trail which runs across the entire province.

The Park

The family developing the park have paid close attention to nature conservation, and even plan to include a car-free area for tent camping. Combined, the long-term plan outlines upwards of 180 tent and RV campsites.

Each site will have water and electrical service, though RV dumping will take place at a central facility in the park, a move the family says will help prevent spills into the river.

The park will also feature a chalet with laundry, showers, and bathrooms. Plus, if you’re only willing to do away with so many of those “at home” amenities, not to worry, there’s even WiFi available throughout the park so you can stay connected!

At the time of writing, it’s expected the campground will be open to visitors just as the 2019 camping season winds down! If you’re planning a camping visit to the area in summer 2020, Waterford River Valley Campground will certainly be a great option.

To find out more about the Waterford River Valley Campground, check out their website or follow along on Facebook for updates.