Newfoundland Bitcoin ATM

UPDATE 2018:

The Fifth Ticket Bitcoin ATM location is no longer accurate, as the machine was relocated after The Fifth Ticket closed down. That particular machine is now at Yes B’y’s, a downtown bar not far from the old Fifth Ticket location. For the most up to date and accurate list of Bitcoin ATM’s in Newfoundland, check the page on Coin ATM Radar.


As Bitcoin becomes increasingly popular, more and more people expect to be able to spend Bitcoin at merchants, or at least withdraw regular currency from a Bitcoin ATM anywhere in the world.

Bitcoin makes this super convenient, since, if traveling between countries, you don’t need to mess with costly currency exchanges or waiting at banks. Your BTC is good anywhere in the world that you can spend or withdraw it to regular currency (fiat).

If you’re traveling to Newfoundland, you may be wondering if you can spend Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, or at least withdraw Canadian dollars to spend.

While the answer is yes, there are some things you should know.

Bitcoin sign displayed at the Fifth Ticket restaurant on Water Street. (Photo: CBC)

Because Newfoundland’s population is lower than other Canadian provinces, and we’re somewhat isolated, it takes a bit longer for new tech to be adopted.

While some countries in the world, like Japan, have seen widespread adoption of Bitcoin, the same cannot be said for all other areas. Within Canada, Newfoundland was the last province to get a Bitcoin ATM, and therefore we are trailing with adoption. Newfoundland finally got itsĀ very first Bitcoin ATM in October 2017, located at The Fifth Ticket Restaurant on Water Street in downtown St. John’s.

As of right now, that is the only Bitcoin ATM in the province, and we are not aware of any merchants accepting Bitcoin directly at this time.

It is believed that more Bitcoin ATMs are coming to Newfoundland in the near future, and we will update this article as we receive new info!

Newfoundland Bitcoin ATM Map

Another great way to check the status and most up-to-date info on Newfoundland ATMs is to check out Coin ATM Radar.